Smoky Quartz Geode Vessel - Brinley

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Smoky Quartz Geode Vessel - Brinley

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Our geode planters can be used to hold air plants, succulents, candles or anything else. We use a hollow breakage in the design to create a geode from raw natural stones that we have self mined. Each geode shape and size will slightly vary from planter to planter. We edge the geode area in liquid gold to create a stunning look.  

Small vessel perfect for air plants or tea lights. This hand casted design swirls black & white and features a silver chrome outline.

Crystal: Smoky Quartz 

This material is a composite that mimics concrete. This materials are water based making them kinder to the environment. It uses ingredients which are sourced through local supply chains to keep CO2 emissions and carbon footprint to a minimum. Due to the material small imperfections like air holes are common. 

2.05" (w) x 1.75" (h).

*you will receive a planter similar to that in the photos. Size of geode and shading of stones may vary slightly