Dots to Dots Men's Sock
Dots to Dots Men's Sock

Ozone Design Inc.

Dots to Dots Men's Sock

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These socks make the connection. Inspired by the the spot paintings which are amongst Damien Hirst's most widely recognized works.

Men's polka dot crew sock from Ozone Design. Made in Colombia. Contents: 80% Cotton / 19% Nylon / 1% Spandex. Men's sock size 10-12 (shoe 8-12.5).

Ozone is dedicated to creating the world's most beautiful and stylish socks. Committed to fun and cool, Ozone creates each sock as a secret weapon you can keep hidden under your pant cuff. Our socks are made from the highest quality natural cotton fiber for its luxurious feel, strength and breathability. To ensure lasting stretch and machine wash durability Ozone blends its cotton with elastic and synthetic fibers. Ozone socks are constructed at the highest standard with heels, toes, seams and designs all knit into the socks. Ozone, the soft, protective layer that surrounds your feet.